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Finding Waste Solutions With A Focus On Recycling

Our first responsibility is to the environmental well-being of the communities and companies which we proudly serve.  Providing sustainable recycling solutions and regulated waste disposal services for over 30 years.

Environmentally Friendly Industrial Services

Economical and Environmentally Friendly Service

As a leading environmental services provider Aevitas offers reliable service, industry expertise, and highly trained personnel to ensure your company’s waste by-products are properly managed and in compliance with strict municipal, provincial and federal regulations. We strive to develop and offer economical, environmentally friendly solutions through best available disposal technologies and unique recycling programs. Learn more about us.

Waste Services

Waste Services

Aevitas is fully permitted to handle all types of hazardous and regulated waste materials through our network of transfer and processing facilities across Canada. You can count on us to protect the environment and your company’s reputation.

Recycling Services


We pioneered innovative recycling programs over 30 years ago to divert hazardous components and materials from ending up in landfill and polluting waterways. Aevitas always places recycling first, above all other options.

Transportation Services

Transportation Services

From small loads in containers to large waste materials in bulk, we can safely handle it all. Our company owns and operates an extensive fleet of various types of vehicles specifically designed to meet the needs of all our customers.

Contractor Compliance and Accreditation Programs

Aevitas makes it easier to do business with us.


Aevitas Inc. was contracted to drain and remove a very large low level PCB contaminated substation from a remote site because of our unique project management experience and in-house recycling capabilities. Our highly trained On-Site Service Team recovered 53,000L of contaminated oil which was re-refined and sold back into the marketplace as a product. The 400,000lb substation was completely decontaminated by Aevitas and the cleaned metals processed by local metal recyclers. This was a big win for the environment!