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Fully integrated service programs tailored to the specific needs of the mining industry.

We deliver industry leading services to our mining clients, which are sustainable and ensure compliance with all regulations and guidelines. Our extensive experience and track record makes Aevitas the obvious choice for proper management of your company’s regulated waste materials. 

  • Waste oil & lubricants (crankcase, hydraulic, grease) 
  • Oil filter recycling (crankcase, hydraulic) 
  • Oily solids disposal (hoses, absorbents) 
  • Hazardous waste disposal (paints, solvents, aerosols)
  • Lamp recycling (office, below ground, equipment)
  • Battery recycling (single use, rechargeable, lead acid)
  • Industrial wastewater treatment (ground water, storage tanks, drums)
  • On-site services (spill clean-up, chemical lab pack) 
  • Transportation services (vacuum trucks, vans, tankers, roll-offs, rail)
  • Container supply (drums, totes)

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Our organization has highly trained professionals dedicated to providing your mining operation stress-free waste disposal and recycling solutions. Contact us today and add us to your team.