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Lab Pack Services

On-site packaging of small containers for proper disposal.

Lab pack services

Providing professional lab pack technicians and supplies to consolidate miscellaneous or laboratory chemical products for disposal.

At Aevitas, we employ specially trained chemists and technicians to perform onsite lab pack services of obsolete or otherwise unneeded materials for safe removal and disposal on a one-time, on-call or regularly scheduled basis. Our lab pack services include:

Chemical inventory: Submit an inventory list and our chemists / technicians will evaluate time and materials required

Waste profiling: Our company will profile your chemical waste for proper identification and segregation

Proper classification: We will classify your lab waste in accordance with applicable provincial and federal regulations and determine the best treatment process for disposal

Packaging: Aevitas will supply materials required to properly package your chemical waste; using vermiculite and UN approved shipping containers 

Shipping documentation: We will prepare labels and manifest based on waste classification

Transportation: Our technicians will load and transfer your chemical waste to one of our approved facilities for safe disposal

Simply send us an inventory of chemicals to get started.  We will take it from here.

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