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Metal Fabrication

Drill performing work in metal fabrication

Forming a relationship with the right partner is key to keeping your business operating efficiently.

From large multinational organizations to small independent companies, Aevitas understands the waste disposal needs of metal fabrication businesses. We provide reliable and comprehensive services to keep your business operating efficiently.

  • Waste oil and lubricant recycling
  • Oily water and emulsified coolant treatment
  • Industrial powerwash services (pits, sumps, equipment cleaning)
  • Regulated waste disposal for maintenance items (paints, aerosols, cleaners)
  • Degreasing tanks (alkaline solutions, solvents)
  • Lamp and battery recycling
  • On-site services (spill clean-up, chemical lab pack)
  • Transportation services (vacuum trucks, box trucks, vans, tankers)
  • And more

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