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Transformer Oil Recycling

Turning waste material into new, high-quality transformer oil.

Transformer oil supply tanker truck

Your company can conserve a non-renewable resource by utilizing the industry’s best-in-class transformer oil recycling services at Aevitas.

Transformer oil (also known as insulating oil) is a non-renewable resource that can be re-refined into a new product, an infinite amount of times. At Aevitas, we are the leading transformer oil recycling company providing manufacturers, electrical contractors, and electrical utility companies across Canada with transformer oil processing and recycling services. Our dedicated transformer oil facility receives, dechlorinates, and re-refines used transformer oil, removing the contaminants within it.  Turning this waste material into new, high-quality transformer oil for supply to the transformer market is better for the environment and more cost effective, when compared to the disposal of used oil and buying replacement products made directly from crude oil. 

Our specialized fleet of trucks and dedicated oil tankers allow us to drain and transport large or small volumes from coast to coast. At Aevitas, our highly trained and experienced on-site transformer oil personnel know exactly what to do when called upon to drain transformers and various other electrical equipment safely and effectively. 

We recycle many types of used insulating oil:

  • Mineral (naphthenic) based oils
  • Paraffinic based oils
  • Silicone fluids

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Looking for New Insulating Oil?

Visit for more information about our full complement of new insulating oil products, including MODEF60 Insulating Oil made from re-refined used transformer oil.