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Utility & Power Generation

Aevitas truck at a power utility

Our commitment to serving your industry is unparalleled.

Aevitas is the leading service provider to utility and power generators for good reason. No other company provides the same level of unique service capabilities specifically designed to meet the needs of utility and power organizations like Aevitas does.

Services provided to electrical power generators, distribution and transmission organizations, and utility companies include:

  • On-site transformer services (draining, retrofilling, oil filling, dismantling)
  • Insulating oil supply (new or re-refined product / in bulk or containers)
  • Contaminated pipeline disposal (PCB, asbestos)
  • Supply of specialized containers (large oil-filled bushings, other electrical equipment)
  • PCB destruction (complete thermal destruction with cleaned metal for recycling)
  • Resource recovery (substation recycling, end-of-life equipment purchase)
  • Lamp recycling (street and building lighting)
  • Battery recycling (stand-by systems, equipment)
  • Analytical & testing services (CALA Certified for PCB testing)
  • Hazardous waste disposal (lab pack service, drums, pallets)
  • Mercury recovery (bailey meters, mercury switches)
  • Industrial wastewater treatment (vac truck service)
  • Transportation services (tanker, roll-off, flatdeck, van with secondary containment )

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