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Recent Projects

Showcasing our company’s unique capability to solve customer’s challenges.

Our on-site hazardous waste services help companies complete complex projects on-time and within budget. Here are a few of the projects that our highly trained on-site technicians have been involved in over the past few years.

Big Haul for the Environment

Aevitas Inc. was contracted to drain and remove a large low level PCB contaminated substation from a remote site because of our unique project management experience and in-house recycling capabilities. Our highly trained On-Site Service Team travelled over 1,000km to drain and transport the contaminated insulating oil in-situ. Recovering the 53,000L of contaminated oil by Aevitas resulted in the used oil being re-refined and sold back into the marketplace as MODEF-60 insulating oil by our Oil Recycling Plant in Brantford, ON.

Once drained, the 400,000lb substation was loaded on a rail car and travelled to Aevitas Kirkland Lake, ON for dismantling. All metal components were completely decontaminated utilizing our exclusive thermal treatment process at Aevitas Cornwall, ON. Finally, the cleaned metals were processed by local metal recyclers.

This is a big win for the environment thanks to our dedicated team of employees, and specialty haulers Ontario Northland and Mammoet, for safely managing this project. It’s no wonder Aevitas is Canada’s largest and most trusted high voltage electrical equipment recycler for over 30 years.

Transformer Removal and Replacement

Scope of work: We provided equipment and personnel to drain, remove and recycle 125,942 litres of used transformer oil. Note in the picture the temporary secondary containment set-up by us to capture any spills and to contain the waste oil, in the event of a release. Additionally, we provided degasification and vacuum filling on seven 50MVA single phase CG Power Systems transformers.

Transport and Disposal of PCB Bushings

Scope of work: Aevitas fabricated custom hazardous waste containers to safely transport PCB electrical bushings from our customer to our Kirkland Lake, Ontario facility. These bushings measured over 38 feet in length and were completely contained in the pictured 40 foot long unique shipping container. Our client was so pleased with our ability to exceed their expectations that they contracted Aevitas to perform many other similar services for their company.

Mercury Arch Valve Decommissioning Project

Scope of work: Our organization engineered and fabricated custom hazardous waste containers to safely transport 37 mercury arch valve components being decommissioned.  Having the only commercial mercury retort oven in Canada, we were able to effectively recover the mercury contamination from the components in order to recycle the metals. We recycled over 400,000 kilograms of decontaminated metal and recovered 1,800 kilograms of elemental mercury generated from this project.

Transformer Oil Change:Oil Craned In and Out

Scope of work: Aevitas Oil Division provided specialized equipment and personnel to drain and remove 25,000 litres of used transformer oil. This job was unique in that the oil had to be craned in totes across the dam and water. In the image, note the secondary containment set-up around the tanker truck as a preventative measure intended to capture any potential release and protect this sensitive environment.

Transformer Removal and Replacement

Scope of work: This project involved the draining and disposal of 93,000 litres of used transformer oil and removal of 3 obsolete transformers.  The high-voltage electrical equipment was transported by Aevitas and recycled at our Kirkland Lake, Ontario facility. The used transformer oil was recycled at our used oil refinery in Brantford, ON. Aevitas on-site services vacuum filled the replacement units with new oil. In the photo, notice the water rushing from the hydroelectric dam in front of the truck, and the temporary secondary containment around the work area in the bottom right.

Waterside Projects

Scope of work: At Aevitas, we have been instrumental in developing and implementing many waterside on-site transformer services. These projects involve draining, removing and transporting used transformer oil.