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 Providing sustainable recycling programs for industrial waste materials.

Lamp recycling

Developed unique circular economy programs to divert waste materials from landfill and recover valuable resources.

With our key focus on recycling, even before it became a widespread necessity, showcases our proactive approach to environmental sustainability. The expansion of recycling services to include lamp recycling, transformer oil recycling, battery recycling, and electrical equipment recycling demonstrates our comprehensive commitment to responsible waste management and resource recovery. Through our unique processing capabilities, Aevitas is able to divert waste from potential environmental harm and realize value from the decontaminated materials.

Aevitas is leading the way in environmental services and contributing to a greener and cleaner future.

Lamp Recycling

Our lamp recycling program is unparalleled, recycling over 10,000,000 mercury bearing and non-mercury lamps per year.

Battery Recycling

Recycling batteries is an ecologically friendly alternative to simply throwing them in the garbage only to have them end up in landfills.

Electrical Equipment Recycling

Aevitas offers commercial, institutional and industrial businesses electrical equipment recycling services to help reduce their environmental footprint.

Recycling Services

Transformer Oil Recycling

At Aevitas, we are the leading transformer oil recycling company providing manufacturers, electrical contractors, and electrical utility companies across Canada with transformer oil processing and recycling services.

Resource Recovery

Unused or excess products and equipment are inevitable. We specialize in recycling obsolete equipment for reuse or recovery.

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