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Insulating Oil Supply

Leading supplier of transformer oils and fluids.

CALUMET C50 Transformer Insulating Oil

Exclusive distributor of Caltran C50 products. Manufacturer of MODEF-60 mineral oils and Aevitas Silicone Transformer Fluids.

Aevitas offers a full range of mineral oil products in bulk or containers and a silicone transformer fluid. Available for immediate pick-up from select locations across Canada or have it delivered.

Caltran C50 Insulating Oil Products – 4 products of high quality transformer oils refined from naphthenic crude for all applications engineered for use in cold climates.  CALTRAN C50 insulating oils are formulated with premium, high quality naphthenic base stocks and further improved with world class refining processes by Calumet Specialty Products.  Exclusively distributed in Canada by Aevitas Oil Division.

MODEF60  Insulating Oil Products – 2 types of mineral oil rerefined from previously used naphthenic transformer oil.  Our MODEF60 insulating oil  products meet or exceed existing CSA and ASTM quality standards and are manufactured exclusively by Aevitas Oil Division.

Aevitas Supercharged Inhibited Transformer Oil – Our “supercharged” inhibited mineral insulating oil can be added to existing transformers to halt the oxidation process that naturally occurs within transformers over time. Aevitas prepares and supplies dedicated formulations to suit individual transformer inhibitor requirements.  

Aevitas Silicone Transformer Fluid – Silicone transformer fluid which has been completely recycled and reprocessed for use in either retrofilling or silicone fluid level top ups on existing silicone filled transformers.

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