About Aevitas

Providing industry leading environmental solutions to industrial, institutional and commercial customers across Canada

Our company is truly a Canadian entrepreneurial success story. Initiated by a pair of college friends over 25 years ago, we have evolved into one of Canada's premier industrial, institutional and commercial hazardous waste service provider. Our company proudly employs more than 230 people, who conduct business with a dedication to providing outstanding customer service and effective ecological preservation. We increase the value of our clients' organizations by providing comprehensive environmental protection, a variety of hazardous waste management choices, and highly experienced professionals to help balance our customer's financial objectives with sustainability goals.

Through our strategically located network of facilities across Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta, and Quebec, we have capabilities that can effortlessly be mobilized to provide customers operating in an array of industries with practical hazardous waste and recycling solutions that are cutting-edge and environmentally-conscious. Our complete line of hazardous waste services includes PCB destruction, transformer oil recycling, (industrial) wastewater treatment, hazardous waste recycling and electrical equipment recycling, as well as:

The hazardous waste removal team at Aevitas takes pride in their accomplishments within the specialized hazardous waste management industry. Some our successful multi-faceted environmental efforts include:

Wastewater treatment

  • Received over 75,000,000 litres of waste water material in 2015
  • Largest permitted receiver of material for waste water treatment in Canada
  • Unique processing capabilities reduces solid waste by-product by over 90%
  • Operates within the most stringent discharge limits in Canada

Transformer oil recycling

  • Recycled over 6,000,000 litres of used transformer oil in 2015
  • Largest transformer oil recycler in Canada
  • Protected the environment by recycling a non-renewable resource

Lamp recycling

  • Processed over 10,000,000 lamps in 2015
  • Diverted over 250,000 kilograms of landfill glass
  • Recovered over 300 kilograms of mercury
  • Recycled over 30,000 kilograms of metal from lamps

PCB destruction

  • Transported, treated and destroyed over 5,000,000 kilograms of PCB Waste in 2015
  • Largest vapour degreaser in Canada to decontaminate metal, which is then recycled
  • Incineration technology guarantees 99.9999% thermal destruction

At Aevitas we continually strive to build sincere relationships with our clients and vendors, and within our organization, by implementing progressive thinking and hazardous waste remediation methods that effectively address change in an environmentally safe manner. We help our valued industrial, commercial and institutional customers to conserve natural resources and reduce their environmental liability, and provide them with economic advantages through the reduction of costs and the sale of recovered resources.

Our organization is committed to providing reliable hazardous waste management industry pricing, and the handling and safe disposal of a variety of hazardous waste materials. Our ability to offer a diversified range of hazardous waste and treatment equipment, and our on-site and in-house technical expertise, is what sets us apart from other environmental service companies. We exceed the highest levels of hazardous waste removal industry standards via our extensive knowledge, positive attitude, diversified levels of service, and professional development, in order to meet our customers demanding environmental service requirements. If you would like to learn more about our personalized, superior-quality, value-added hazardous waste management services, get in touch with us today, and please consider perusing our corporate documents: