Commercial / Landlord

Keep your commercial business clean and pleasant with quick and convenient hazardous waste management services.

Whether you're a commercial business owner, or a landlord of rented or leased commercial units, keeping your commercial business environment clean and brightly-lit is important. Replacing burnt-out or broken lights in a commercial building and sourcing proper disposal is a time-consuming and tedious job. With our quick and easy lamp recycling services, you can rest assured knowing that your spent light bulbs will be taken care of in an environmentally safe and sound way. We are known for lamp recycling but also offer many more environmental services to commercial businesses and landlords. Our company makes it easy to disposal of waste materials so you can focus on what you do best!

Choose from our wide array of services specific to commercial and landlord organizations:

Your floor space is too valuable. Don't let excess waste materials steal your floor space or valuable time. Contact us today. We are helping property owners manage their waste materials right across Canada. Whether you own or operate a single property or multiple sites, the expert team at Aevitas is here to help.