Electrical Equipment Disposal

Oil filled or drained. PCB contaminated or PCB free. Large or small we take it all!

Oil filled or drained. PCB contaminated or PCB free. Large or small we will take it all. We will decontaminate and disassemble then recover the recyclables providinge our industrial, commercial and institutional clients with the most cost effective program, while diverting material from landfill. In time, electrical equipment becomes obsolete, or stops functioning, or it may simply no longer be required. If left alone for long enough, electrical equipment may become an environmental or health hazard. Electrical equipment is classified as anything that is powered by electricity, such as:

  • Utility Equipment (transformers, substations, bushings, capacitors, cables etc.)
  • Wires, cables and adaptors
  • Circuit breakers
  • Switch boards
  • Lamps and lighting fixtures
  • Batteries (alkaline, UPS, car, laptop etc.)
  • Computer and network equipment (desktops, laptops, monitors, servers, routers, switches, modems, keyboards, wires etc.)
  • Printers (laser, inkjet, fax machines, scanners, photocopiers, plotters etc.)
  • Wires, cables and adaptors
  • Power tools
  • And many more

In all types of industries, including the electrical contracting industry, high quality service and strict deadlines are a priority, and there isn't enough time to worry about how your electrical waste (also known as E-waste) is being disposed of. To quickly dispose of any of these electrical products, call us to arrange for our electrical equipment disposal service. Our transportation and disposal of electrical equipment helps to make your business environment safer and cleaner, and saves you the stress of scheduling multiple pick-ups and drop-offs, or disposing of it yourself. Don't trust just anyone with your electrical equipment disposal, or other waste disposal needs. Contact our company today to help you rid your organizations electrical equipment clutter, and reduce its environmental footprint.

To learn more about electrical contractors and PCB regulations as outlined by Environment and Climate Change Canada, please visit.

Please view the following article for information on Environment Canada's PCB regulations and metal recyclers and hazardous waste services providers.