Institutional Waste Management

Aevitas makes it easy by managing all institutional waste needs under one roof.

Institutional waste can be one of the most complex forms of waste to manage, due to its diversity of waste materials, and the number, variety and size of institutional organizations that create it. Trust the experts at Aevitas to make it easy to dispose of your institutional waste, eliminating the headaches associated with juggling multiple vendors for multiple locations.

Much of the waste created by institutional organizations can be diverted from landfills, and instead recycled, or otherwise more effectively disposed of in a way that is more environmentally friendly. As part of our waste disposal offerings, the following types of institutional organizations rely on us for their institutional waste management needs:

  • Education: schools, colleges and universities
  • Health Care: hospitals, retirement facilities
  • Emergency services: fire and police services
  • Security services: border and airport facilities
  • All levels of municipal, provincial or federal government

The types of waste services that we offer for institutional waste management are:

To further explore our institutional waste service offerings, or any of our other waste disposal services, please get in touch with our company today.