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Introducing CALTRAN C50 Insulating Oils

Aevitas Inc. is proud to announce that Calumet Specialty Products selected our Oil Division to become the exclusive distributor of CALTRAN C50 Insulating Oil products in Canada. View the Caltran Aevitas Partnership Release here.

The new CALTRAN line of arctic-grade insulating oils feature exceptional low temperature fluidity, corrosion control and oxidation stability, making them an ideal solution for conditions in Canada. Caltran improves circulation and heat transfer. The product can withstand high levels of electrical field strength and assists in the prevention of corona discharge and arcing. The high level of refining removes corrosive sulfur compounds, resulting in corrosion control.

These high quality naphthenic based products are available in Class A & Class B, Type I (Non-Inhibited) & Type II (Inhibited) insulating oils. Packaged in resealable 20L pail and drums for top-up service and IBC totes, tank truck and rail car for equipment filling. For more information about CALTRAN oil products, click here.

The Aevitas Oil Division can perform on-site related services including oil filled electrical equipment draining, vacuum filling and degasification, transformer oil recycling, PCB contaminated oil retrofilling and much more. For more information about our On-Site services, click here.

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