This is where it all started. We pioneered the recycling of lamps and PCB contaminated ballasts over 25 years ago.

Professionals in the lighting industry know that there's more to lighting than just the products they produce and services they offer. The lighting industry is significant in that it provides a variety of economical, energy-saving and functional lighting products and services to residential, commercial, industrial and institutional consumers throughout Canada. Without adequate lighting, homes and industries of all types would not be able to operate. The group of businesses that form the Canadian lighting industry includes:

  • Lighting manufacturers
  • Lighting suppliers
  • Lighting retailers
  • Lighting wholesalers
  • Lighting designers
  • All other professionals active in the lighting market

Like all industries, the lighting industry must adhere to strict provincial and federal regulations pertaining to the disposal and recycling of the production materials they use and the products they manufacture. At Aevitas, we provide nationwide collection capacity for all waste materials generated by the lighting industry. We supply reliable and cost-efficient waste destruction and recovery services for lighting industry products and materials of all styles and types. For more than 25 years we have been working with lighting industry professionals to help them reduce and improve their environmental impact. Our organization's services include:

We are proud to be able to recycle or safely dispose of just about any waste you give us. We provide bright ideas solutions, so why settle for less? To learn more about how our team of professionals can assist your lighting companies waste disposal and recycling needs, please browse our website, or get in touch with us.

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Click here to review "sound management of end-of-life lamps containing mercury" information, as published by Environment and Climate Change Canada.

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