Mercury Recovery

Our company has the knowledge and expertise to solve the most challenging of mercury recovery problems.

With over 25 years experience in environmental services, our company has the knowledge and expertise to solve the most challenging of mercury recovery problems. Our professional environmental services staff provides personalized mercury recovery solutions for the management of just about any type of mercury waste in both solid and liquid form. Using some of the most advanced mercury recovery technology in the hazardous waste management industry, we can process a vast range of liquid and solid mercury bearing materials, such as:

  • Mercury contaminated soil
  • Mercury containing fluorescent lamps
  • Mercury containing thermostats
  • Mercury containing switches
  • Mercury containing blood pressure units
  • And other mercury bearing devices

Disposal of mercury containing products is strictly regulated by provincial and federal government agencies across Canada. If handled incorrectly, products containing even trace amounts of mercury can be extremely harmful to our environment. At Aevitas, our mercury recovery services ensure that the disposal of your industrial, institutional and commercial mercury laden waste results in as minimal an ecological impact as possible. We operate the only approved mercury retort in Canada which allows us to safely capture elemental mercury from lamps and other material that can subsequently be recycled. We have proudly participated in a number of mercury recovery programs and initiatives, including:

Mercury arch valve decommissioning project

We designed and manufactured customized hazardous waste material containers so as to safely transport 37 mercury arch valve components that were slated to be decommissioned for hazardous waste disposal. We were able to effectively recover 1,800 kilograms of elemental mercury and recycle over 400,000 kilograms of decontaminated metal.

Our organization conducts the most effective practices for the collection, storage, transportation and processing of mercury containing waste. To learn more about our professional mercury recovery services, please get in touch with us.