PCB On-site Services

We develop customized PCB on-site services solutions to suit your commercial, industrial or institutional organizations unique environmental needs.

At Aevitas, we are capable of bringing our environmental services expertise and hazardous waste management industry-leading processes and technology to your site. We develop customized PCB on-site services (polychlorinated biphenyl) solutions to suit your unique environmental needs. Whether it's mobile equipment for short-term projects, or long-term integrated services for full-scale decommissioning projects, our PCB on-site services include:

  • PCB hazardous waste audit, sampling, testing and weighing
  • Draining, packaging, labeling and transportation of PCB contaminated wastes (in compliance with the all federal and provincial regulations including Canadian Transportation of Dangerous Goods Act)
  • Proprietary PCB destruction process to decontaminate PCB contaminated materials
  • In-house laboratory testing of PCB destroyed materials to ensure regulatory compliance with municipal, provincial and federal requirements
  • Certificate of PCB destruction (within 60 days of PCB destruction project)
  • Decommissioning and deregistering PCB storage sites

Once we have safely packaged and transported the PCB contaminated material, our goal is to eradicate PCB contaminated material safely and permanently, using one of three proprietary processes (dependant on material):

Vapour degreasing

Our organization owns and operates the largest vapour degreaser in Canada, which renders PCB contaminated materials free of PCBs allowing for its reuse.


We own an incinerator that operates at over 1500 degrees Celsius which, after several levels of air scrubbing, rapid quenching, and residence time, guarantees complete thermal destruction of PCB contaminated material (99.9999%).


Our company owns and operates the largest fully permitted transformer oil recycling facility in Canada. The PCB contaminated oil is dechlorinated, filtered and refined for reuse in the transformer market across Canada.

We provide PCB destruction services for the following PCB contaminated materials:

  • PCB caulking
  • PCB debris
  • PCB soils
  • PCB electrical transformers and equipment
  • PCB capacitors
  • PCB ballasts
  • PCB paints
  • PCB transformer oil / askarel fluid
  • PCB solvents

Our PCB on-site services division specializes in tackling high hazard PCB decontamination challenges. We provide comprehensive PCB on-site services to handle all your PCB needs. The stress of having the right personnel and the right equipment for the job can be eliminated when you use our PCB on-site services. Get in touch with us to learn more about our PCB on-site services, or any other of our environmental services, or hazardous waste management services.