Resource Recovery

It may be at end-of-life for you but may also be the start of something better.

Unused or excess products and equipment are commonplace in commercial, institutional and industrial organizations. We specialize in recycling obsolete equipment for reuse. Let us take away the headache of having to source multiple vendors to deal with your company's obsolete equipment or products. Our company's resource recovery program is the process of maximizing value for obsolete, non-compliant or end-of-life assets through effective recycling and reuse. When done effectively, resource recovery can provide an organization capital that can be placed back into their business, thereby producing revenue and boosting profits. As resource recovery specialists, we are committed to helping our clients do just that. By recycling the components of disassembled assets, we provide them with the greatest monetary return possible. In addition to financial advantages, we also help our customers reduce their environmental footprint by keeping unwanted items out of landfill.

Traditional resource recovery service providers may simply be interested in just one of the many components that makes up your product or equipment, and they may disregard the balance or simply dump it into a landfill. At Aevitas we take every piece of your asset into consideration, and find the best possible method of recycling them all. For those parts that cannot be recycled, we offer assured disposal or destruction services. Upon contacting us to arrange for our resource recovery services, we will ensure that your goods are recycled, or when necessary disposed of or destroyed, in a safe and expedient manner. Our resource recovery services provide a number of financial and environmental advantages:

  • Recycle more than 95% of your materials
  • Reduce the volume of waste that ends up in landfills
  • Create an improved public image for your business
  • Avoid garbage collection and disposal fees
  • Collect revenue, boost profits and receive tax savings

At Aevitas, we make it easy to recover the greatest value for your unused or surplus assets. With our well established recycling process we are sure to provide the best value for our customers, and the environment. Non-compliant, obsolete or end-of-life products and equipment can be a stepping-stone to something better. Allow us to put your idle or spare equipment and products to good use, and help you reduce your environmental impact, by providing you with our economically favourable resource recovery services. Please contact us for more information on our resource recovery services, or the other types of recycling services that we offer our esteemed industrial, institutional and commercial clients.