Sludge / Solid Fixation

Proper sludge / solids fixation protects the environment.

As a component of our wastewater treatment offerings, we proudly provide sludge / solid fixation services. Sludge / solid fixation is a type of wastewater treatment process applied to stabilized or conditioned sludge in order to immobilize contaminants so that the wastewater can be safely disposed of or reused. At Aevitas, we employ sludge / solid fixation services in a wide range of industries from plating to oil refinery, and especially those industries that generate wastewater sludge containing high amounts of hazardous materials, chemicals and other toxic compounds.

The main purpose of our sludge / solid fixation process is not only to sterilize and convert wastewater contaminants to non-reactive, stable compounds, but to also prevent harmful contaminants from leaching underground and potentially cause contamination to underground water sources. Once our wastewater sludge / solid fixation treatment service is completed, the stabilized waste is safely transported for proper disposal. To discover how our sludge / solid fixation wastewater treatment process can aid your industrial organization, give us a call and speak with one of our wastewater treatment experts. They will be happy to answer any questions you may have.