Transformer Oil

Our organization is known in the industry for providing the most reliable on-site transformer oil services.

Should your company's transformer require new oil, refilling or draining, turn to us for the most reliable on-site transformer oil services in the industry. Our professional staff work with you to select the best transformer oil to meet your needs and specifications, whether its new paraffinic or naphthenic based oil, like new MODEF 60 oil or silicone fluid, we can supply it.

When handled inadequately, transformer oil can be harmful to human health, as well as our ecological surroundings. Our company specializes in providing electrical utilities and industrial businesses with effective and dependable transformer oil services.

Our fleet of transformer oil equipment, tankers and trucks allows us to safely drain and transport small or large quantities of transformer oil from companies throughout Canada. To ensure complete protection, we use a portable "spill containment berm", enabling our truck or tankers full volume to be contained in the case of an emergency spill or rupture.

At Aevitas, we can even manage the disposal or recycling of your company's waste transformer oil. Upon arrival at our Ministry of the Environment (MOE) certified environmental services facility, our highly skilled transformer oil experts receive, treat, and refine used transformer oil to completely eradicate its PCB content or other contamination. This will ensure its safe and permanent disposal, or the rendering of new, high quality transformer oil for reuse or re-sale in the transformer market.

For industrial clients with transformer oil storage issues, we own and operate a 700,000 litre capacity transformer oil tank farm for long or short-term transformer oil storage. Our transformer oil tank farm was constructed on a geosynthetic membrane to eradicate any potential environmental risk, and is concrete contained.

To learn more about our organization's transformer oil services, transformer oil recycling services, or other environmental services, please browse our website or get in touch with us to ask any questions you may have. Discover how your company will be making a wise ecological, regulatory and financial choice by selecting us for all of your transformer oil requirements.