Transformer Site Services

At Aevitas, we provide expert transformer site services to save our clients valuable time and money.

For utility companies, power generators, consultants and industrial clients, our organization provides expert transformer site services to save our clients valuable time and money.. Our on-site transformer service technicians can drain, dismantle and retrofill any type of oil filled transformer. Our highly-sought after transformer on-site services team is highly trained and fully equipped with the ability to go anywhere across Canada to service or dismantle non-PCB or PCB contaminated equipment. Our transformer site services include:

Transformer draining

At Aevitas, we offer everything you need to effectively and safely drain your oil filled transformer. We service transformers such as:

  • Pure PCB (askarel) transformers
  • Mineral oil tranformers
  • Silicone fluid transformers
  • Perchloroethylene PCB transformers

Mineral oil with up to 500ppm PCB contamination will be sent to our licensed treatment facilities to be dechlorinated so as to destroy the PCBs. The oil is then filtered and refined, available for reuse in the transformer marketplace across Canada.

PCB transformer retrofill

Retrofilling is a great way to reduce PCB contamination in your company's transformer. During our PCB transformer retrofill process, transformer oil is drained from the transformer, the equipment is flushed and then refilled with new insulating oil. During the refilling stage our company will degasify the oil and vacuum fill the equipment. Flushing the equipment is critical to the process, to eliminate internal surfaces of PCB contaminants and to remove sludge build-up from the transformer.

We can use the customers oil or provide insulating oil that meets their specifications. We can supply new paraffinic or naphthenic based oils, silicone fluid or MODEF60 type I transformer oil. For more information on MODEF60 please visit our transformer oil recycling page.

Transformer dismantling

Our highly trained on-site service technicians possess the skills and experience to dismantle transformers, large of small, in any area across Canada, no matter how remote. Save time and money by utilizing the experts. We can drain the transformer oil, transport the oil for recycling, dismantle the transformer and recycle the metal and properly dispose of the non-recyclables properly and permanently. You don't even need to lift a finger, we will manage the complete process.

In addition to our on-site transformer services we also provide temporary storage of transformer oil during maintenance procedures, transportation of containerized oil (for top-ups) or bulk oil (for retrofilling). From A-Z, we are able to meet all your transformer site services needs.

For further information on our transformer site services, or any of our other environmental services, get in touch with our experienced transformer draining and PCB transformer retrofill professionals.