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Aevitas achieves Bronze Medal rating for Sustainability

Aevitas achieves Bronze Medal rating for Sustainability

Ecovadis, "The World's Most Trusted Business Sustainability Ratings" organization, has awarded Aevitas Inc. with a Bronze Medal for our sustainability practices. This in-depth assessment of our environmental, social, and ethical performance and procedures has determined that Aevitas is highly ranked when compared to other worldwide organizations within our industry.

Introducing CALTRAN C50 Insulating Oils

Aevitas Inc. is proud to announce that Calumet Specialty Products selected our Oil Division to become the exclusive distributor of CALTRAN C50 Insulating Oil products in Canada. View the Caltran Aevitas Partnership Release here.

The new CALTRAN line of arctic-grade insulating oils feature exceptional low temperature fluidity, corrosion control and oxidation stability, making them an ideal solution for conditions in Canada. Caltran improves circulation and heat transfer. The product can withstand high levels of electrical field strength and assists in the prevention of corona discharge and arcing. The high level of refining removes corrosive sulfur compounds, resulting in corrosion control.

These high quality naphthenic based products are available in Class A & Class B, Type I (Non-Inhibited) & Type II (Inhibited) insulating oils. Packaged in resealable 20L pail and drums for top-up service and IBC totes, tank truck and rail car for equipment filling. For more information about CALTRAN oil products, click here.

The Aevitas Oil Division can perform on-site related services including oil filled electrical equipment draining, vacuum filling and degasification, transformer oil recycling, PCB contaminated oil retrofilling and much more. For more information about our On-Site services, click here.

Aevitas acquires Hydro-Tech Environmental Services Ltd.

We are excited to announce the acquisition of Hydro-Tech Environmental Service Ltd. (Hydro-Tech) located in Dunnville, Ontario. This transaction will add a team of ten experienced equipment operators with the expertise and certification to execute a full range of industrial cleaning services.

Hydro-Tech operates a fleet of Super-vac trucks and Industrial Waterblast equipment servicing South-Western Ontario clients. Hydro-Tech has worked very well with Aevitas and Tesla on various industrial sites and their experience and capabilities will advance the spectrum of services that Aevitas currently provides.

Hydro-Tech Environmental Service Ltd. is a Canadian company offering industrial clean-up and remediation services throughout Ontario including hot water washing, high pressure water-blasting, confined space entry, hydro-excavating, marine cleaning and tank clean outs. For more information visit our Powervac page.

McMaster forms partnership to find innovate wastewater solutions

McMaster University engineers are working with our company to find innovative ways to treat industrial wastewater. The partnership was developed to explore how to better detect and create more cost-effective and faster treatment solutions for biocides, which are chemical substances such as preservatives, pesticides and disinfectants used to control the growth of microorganisms...
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Aevitas acquires majority stake of Tesla Environmental Services Inc.

Our organization is pleased to announce that we have acquired a majority stake of Tesla Environmental Services Inc. (Tesla), a transportation and hazardous waste disposal company based in Hamilton, Ontario. Teslas fleet of over twenty five units which includes vacuum trucks, vacuum tankers, powerwash units, emergency response vehicles and trailers, will enhance the range of environmental services provided by us, as well as strengthen our competitiveness in the hazardous waste management services industry. We will also benefit by having a fully licensed transport maintenance facility located in Hamilton, Ontario. Tesla will further complement services offered at our wastewater treatment plant in Brantford, Ontario...
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Aevitas Delta is on the move to Maple Ridge, BritishColumbia

We are excited to announce that our Delta facility will be moving to Maple Ridge, British Columbia. Many businesses choose to do business with us due to our expertise, safety record, concern for the environment and capabilities. In just two short years, our Delta facility has outgrown its ability to solely maintain our growing demand in British Columbia. Our move to Maple Ridge facilitates expanding capacities to improve waste treatment services for our new and existing customers. Our larger facility in Maple Ridge accommodates contained indoor loading for our trucks along with greater indoor storage space for obsolete electrical equipment and other materials.

Aevitas recognized by Infrastructure Health and Safety Association

For three consecutive years, our company has been recognized and awarded by the Infrastructure Health and Safety Organization for operating with a lost time frequency rate below the industry average.

Environmental achievements

We are proud of our hazardous waste control efforts and treatment processes, and their long-lasting, positive impact on the environment. Some of our successful environmental achievements include:

Transformer oil recycling

  • Recycled over 6,000,000 litres of used transformer oil in 2016
  • Largest transformer oil recycler in Canada
  • Protected the environment by recycling a non-renewable resource

Wastewater treatment

  • Received over 75,000,000 litres of waste water material in 2016
  • Largest permitted receiver of material for waste water treatment in Canada
  • Unique processing capabilities reduces solid waste by-product by over 90%
  • Operates within the most stringent discharge limits in Canada

PCB destruction

  • Transported, treated and destroyed over 5,000,000 kilograms of PCB Waste in 2016
  • Largest vapour degreaser in Canada to decontaminate metal, which is then recycled
  • Incineration technology guarantees 99.9999% thermal destruction

Lamp recycling

  • Processed over 10,000,000 lamps in 2016
  • Diverted over 250,000 kilograms of landfill glass
  • Operates the only commercial retort oven for mercury recovery in Canada
  • Recovered over 300 kilograms of elemental mercury
  • Recycled over 30,000 kilograms of metal from lamps